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World Leaders in High-end Audio Electronics and Metal Sensing Technology

From its origins in 1985 Minelab has aspired to become the world leader in metal sensing technology. Specialising in advanced electronic technologies, Minelab's competitive advantage was created almost immediately with a highly competent and innovative Research and Development team, inspired by the genius of Mr. Bruce Candy. This commitment to innovation has enabled Minelab to successfully market technologically advanced detection equipment for consumer and industrial applications as well as military and humanitarian de-mining projects throughout the world.

More recently, Minelab has expanded its scope of excellence to high-end audio electronics with the design, development and marketing of the cutting edge HALCRO™ range of sophisticated audio amplification equipment.

Today Minelab has manufacturing, distribution and customer service operations in Australia, Europe and the United States, and is an ISO 9001 Quality Endorsed Company. ISO 9001 is a worldwide quality standard certification that ensures the highest level of product quality for our customers.

Minelab Consumer

Minelab’s Consumer Metal Sensing division manufactures and distributes the world's leading gold, jewellery, coin and treasure detecting products. Superior, easy to use metal detector products allow you to find more good targets, more often with outstanding depth, sensitivity and discrimination.

With metal detector manufacturing, distribution and customer service operations in Australia, Europe and the United States you are always safe in the knowledge that customer care is close at hand with Minelab Consumer Metal Sensing Products. Minelab’s worldwide network of Authorised Dealers are able to give you the most up to date knowledge in products and techniques that will help you to improve your success rate in the field.

Minelab’s commitment to excellence in technology and customer satisfaction will give you a big advantage when you are out detecting no matter what the ground conditions. With Minelab products you will have the opportunity to find more valuable targets more often.

Minelab Security

In today's world of heightened security our MF-1 Hand Held Security Scanner is quickly becoming the most preferred security-scanning device in the Domestic and International Aviation, Law Enforcement and the Security Screening Industries. This reputation is well deserved, as our innovative electronics have been proven in many diverse applications in a wide cross section of end users.

Aimed at the Security Professional the MF-1 Security Scanner is a highly sensitive detector that has been designed and built to meet the toughest standards for efficiency and operating conditions. The MF-1 Security Scanner has automatic recalibration ensuring maximum set sensitivity from the moment the unit is switched on. The auto recalibrate function makes the MF-1 Security Scanner one of the world's easiest scanners to operate whilst maintaining maximum operating performance without drift due to temperature or other environmental conditions. The MF-1 has very low battery drain giving extended battery life and making it highly efficient in the field.

Minelab Countermine

Minelab's Countermine Division is committed to providing the world's best technology in land mine detection and to further support the demining community by being a 'one-stop shop' for force protection products. Through Minelab's USA and Ireland offices, the Countermine Division is able to provide effective and prompt service to all its clients worldwide. The Countermine Division has sold in excess of 7000 detectors to humanitarian and military organizations globally and the F1A4 is currently used in over 44 countries.

Our Product Development department is currently active in providing the metal detection technology for the new dual sensor HSTAMIDS detector being developed for the US Department of Defense. The Countermine Division is also engaged in providing a vehicle array for the Australian Department of Defence that incorporates Minelab's new bi-polar technology developed for the US HSTAMIDS and the new F3 hand held detector.

There are in excess of 110 million anti-personnel mines buried in 38 countries throughout the world. Minelab has developed patented technology to assist in the clearance of mines. This technology is available in the F1A4 and F3 Mine Detectors.

EIA Gold Cup

The EIA 'Gold Cup' for excellence in innovation and commercialisation was awarded to Minelab for the Explorer range of coin and treasure detectors.



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