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Tarsacci MDT 8000 Detector Review March 2020

This is a quick look at and review of the new Tarsacci detector. There are youtube videos showing the settings, tests against other detectors, frequencies, sounds, use at the beach and more. I suggest you follow up there.

From what I have learned, Dimeter Gargov, the owner of Tarsacci is very serious about the metal detecting hobby. Dimeter is an engineer who previously worked for Fisher Research Lab in the development of the Fisher ID, Coin Strike & Gold Strike. Along with some help from Tom Dankowski, Dimeter has introduced a new Multi-Domain Technology into the Tarsacci MDT-8000.


  • It is neither a VLF or a Pulse, but a New Mixed Domain Technology that has the ability to see through mineralized ground, salt or black sand and discriminate very well.
  • The price is reflective of the MDT 8000's quality and performance abilities. It is a Serious Detector for Serious Hunters and worth the investment. The MDT 8000 is toughness, quality & performance.
  • Read the manual for all the settings essentials, along with the specifications.
  • The MDT 8000 comes with a coil cover, 3.5mm non-waterproof headphones, extra fittings (Yay!), two large rechargable batteries (Yay!), charger and super useful backpack that holds the detector when dissasembled. If you wish to use your existing 1/4" plug headphones, you will need an adapter.
  • The MDT 8000 uses one battery, the second is a spare, so you are always ready with a fresh charge.
  • The build is awesome, carbon fiber, with snap-in adjustments for the rods plus additional tension fittings so there is no play in the rods.
  • Turn on and ground balance is easy along with changing the settings.
  • Auto Ground Balance works well and is quick if the ground is free of any metal.
  • There is a built in speaker, but it does not have a lot of volume, so for serious detecting headphones are needed. The Tarsacci comes with headphones, but I would invest in a better pair.
  • For basic relic and coin hunting, the Mixed Mode is the go-to setting, which allows you to hear ferrous and non-ferrous. In a trashy area it can be a little noisy, but it will pick through the trash. In a trashy area the Disc mode eliminates noise from iron targets.
  • Dry sand beach or shallow water, again the Mixed Mode or All Metal for the best ground coverage.
  • The Disc Mode only allows discrimination of ferrous targets, NOT non-ferrous targets like gold and coins. The tones and ID are what you use to determine what you wish to dig in the non-ferrous range. I found the Mixed Mode much more suitable for most types of detecting.
  • The MDT 8000 does not appear to be a fast detector like some VLF's, where the faster you swing the better the target response. It takes medium steady, deliberate swing to get the best target response.
  • Be prepared to learn the sounds. It is not a beep and dig detector. There are nuances to the detectors response, lead-up, trailing, double beep, target ID bounce and more to become familiar with. I am convinced the target response can tell a lot for those that take the time to learn.
  • I was not able to test the Black Sand & Salt modes or in mineralized ground, but I believe that is where this detector will excel over others. With the ability to punch through bad ground and still get superb depth. Check out some youtube videos that show the detector in action.
  • Likes: It is lightweight, tough carbon fiber, weatherproof / waterproof, great depth, works superbly in bad ground, can pick out good targets amongst iron trash, 4 detecting frequencies, easy to use, but takes skill to master fully and has settings for every type of hunting.
  • Dislikes: The stand under the armrest is too small and the detector always falls over. The balance would have been better if the stem attachment to the coil was in the center of the coil. These things are minor and in no way detract from the detectors performance, so the Tarsacci MDT 8000 remains an awesome metal detector.
  • With it's MDT: Mixed Domain Technology the MDT 8000 will get great depth results over and above other detectors, even in difficult ground conditions.
  • I am not posting any depth tests because ground conditions are different everywhere. Suffice it to say I am convinced that the Tarsacci MDT 8000 will give very pleasing results in your locale even under difficult ground conditions.
  • Four Frequencies: 6.4 kHz, 9 kHz, 12 kHz & 18 kHz. The lower frequencies are better for high conductive targets like coins, with the higher frquencies better on low conductive items like gold and some relics.
  • 6.4 kHz for Coinshooting
  • 9 kHz, 12 kHz for mixed hunting like Relics and Coins
  • 18 kHz for Jewelry and Gold Prospecting
Target ID for common
coins and finds:
Small Gold Ring 3-5
Zinc 12
Copper Penny 18
Nickel 5-7
Clad Dime 17-18
Clad Quarter 22
Silver Dime 18-19
Silver Quarter 22-23

Steel Cap Bounces 2-11
Pull Ring 7
Pull Ring w/ tab 6-7
Rect Tab 6
Twist Cap


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